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Scaffolding Service

Our scaffolding specialist are very highly experienced and can complete any task without any hassle. Whatever the scale or nature of your project, you can count on us for a work of very high standard.

Our scaffolding solutions are completely comply and certified to applicable standard available (BS1139 / EN39, Disnaker & Migas)

Bolt Tightening Service

We provide a comprehensive range of Hydraulic Torque Wrench equipment for tightening and loosing bolts.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench ideal for break-out and make-up bolted joints, with output torque capacity up to 45.000 lbf.ft.

We also provide a Hydraulic bolt tensioning, it’s the most consistent of preload to bolts. Bolts tensioning is an accurate and time saving method for tightening bolts and studs in all industries.

Controlled bolt tensioning is to calculate value to eliminate flange leakage

Insulation Service

We provide a Fabrication & Installation service for a new installation of equipment insulation system based on Client specific design for personnel protection, acoustic dampening, energy conservation or process stabilization.

We also provide an inspection and repair service for an existing insulation to prevent the occuring of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) which may affected on integrity of equipment.

Blasting & Painting Service

Our service include : Surface Preparation, Sand Blasting, Painting and Protective Coating or Fire froofing application in our facility or at your sites.

We will deliver our service in effective and efficient manner to serve your repair and preventive needs

Fabrication & Welding Service

We provide full range of metal fabrication and welding services for industrial and maritime use.

For large or small industrial and marine repairs to commercial and residential handrails, PT. Gistek Marco Indonesia is your one source for all custom fabrication.

Our Fabrication and Welding Service :

  1. Structural Steel Fabrication & Repairs
  2. Piping Fabrication & Repairs
  3. Deck and Machinery Fabrication & Repairs
  4. Welding Inspection & Consultancy
Positive Pressure Welding Enclosure

PPWE Welding Insulation Chamber can allow hot work to be carried out in a SAFE, CLEAN and HAZARD FREE manner, without the need to shutdown platform.


  • Isolates the welding area
  • Contains the heat source
  • Confines the spark and splatter
  • Eliminates the need for Shut-Downs
  • Provide a positive barrier between welding and flammable


PPWE Specification:

  • Constructed from light weight flame retardant – fiber glass material, Industrial type zip fasteners (c/w togles both inside and outside) and an integrated Velcro sealing tape attached.
  • Standard Panel Size 1 Meter x 1 Meter or 2 Meter x 1 Meter.
  • Two (2) Off sleve type penetration panels; 2 Meter x 1 Meter emergency rip and run panel.
  • Panel also made from a matrial that let sufficient ambient welding and flammables.
  • Manometer to show positive pressure reading 20 – 60 Pascal.
  • Zone-2 intrinsically safe electric blowers; capable of inflating the PPWE and maintaining the positive pressure and sufficient volume of air.
  • Two (2) door air-lock system; to minimize air loss during entry and exit.
  • Spare additional panels are supplied with each PPWE.
  • Repair kits for minor tears and abrasion supplied.
Lifting Equipment Inspection & Testing

We provide a Periodic inspection on lifting gears and lifting equipment, this include but not limited Drilling Equipment & Tools, Pedestal, Overhead Crane, Slewing Jib, Fixed Lifting Equipment and Loose Lifting Equipment.

In addition we provide a Proof Load Testing as per clients requirement and Gistek Inspector’s are qualified to perform any NDT work associated with this.

All equipment inspected is entered into a database which conforms with LOLER 1998 and generates the certificates and reports required by relevant standards.

Gas Cooler & Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection

Type of Tube Inspection provided by PT. Gistek Marco Indonesia :

Based on Material Type :

  1. Non-Ferromagnetic Tube; ECT (Conventional)
  2. Ferromagnetic Tube;
  3. Remote Field Test (RFT)
  4. Near Field Test (NFT); Tube with Aluminum Fin


Tube Dimension :

  • Outside Diameter (OD.); 15mm – 76mm
  • Thickness; 0.5mm – 3.5mm


Purpose of Tube Inspection :

  • Determine the physical condition of the equipment
  • Guarantee the equipment are safe to use during operation
  • Predicting “remaining life” equipment
  • Recommended maintenance
No Man Entry Tank Cleaning

PT. Gistek Marco Indonesia offer a safely method for sludge cleaning of Storage Tank by minimized an entrance of human on the whole process of Tank cleaning.

Acoustic Sludge Profiler :

  1. Online sludge profiling.
  2. 100% coverage of tank bottom depending on entry points.
  3. Over 95% accuracy.
  4. ATEX certified equipments.
  5. The final report includes a 3-D colored contour map of the sludge distribution present in the tank and the sludge volume in cubic meters / feet.

No Man Entry Tank Cleaning :

  1. ARCC System.
  2. Remote controlled cannon.
  3. Minimized CO2 emissions related to cleaning process.
  4. ATEX certified equipments
On Line Tank Cleaning

PT. Gistek Marco Indonesia offer an Online Tank using an automatic system which can eliminate downtime during inspection scame.

Your tank remain in operating condition during the inspection.

The quicklock system allows you to inspect the internal mechanical roof construction and observes the robot progress where is possible.

Online Tank Bottom Inspection System:

  1. Online, No Downtime
  2. UT system, up to 53 Transducers
  3. Sonar navigation system
  4. Camera system
  5. Bottom plate settlement
  6. Confrom API-653
  7. ATEX Declaration
Flare, Tower, Chimney Drone Inspection

We offer a full range of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) service for Industrial purpose.

We can deliver our UAV equipment for special task such as Flare Inspection (Visual and Thermal Oxidisers), Electrical Tower Inspection and Chimney Inspection including emission measurement.

We develop SAFE, a tool to record all identified possible risk and degrees or severity of probability, SAFE report are provided to you prior deployment of our UAV inspection.

Aerial Volumetric & General Survey

Historically, volumetric survey were done with somewhat manual approach, theodolites used with someone walking over stockpiles taking spot measurement. Modern Aerial Survey techniques utilizing PPK Geo-referenced Photogrammetry are replacing these old method for many compelling reasons.

With PPK Aerial Survey Method can be provide the result equivalent to 368.400 datum points and materially more accurate with tolerance which only around +/-1%.

For reporting, we provide computer generated 3D models with down to 3 cm XYZ, which processed with Digital Evaluation Models (DEM’s), it’s not just suitable for stockfiles, but also suitable for volume survey and modelling quarries and open pit mines.

PT. Gistek Marco Indonesia, provides Non-Destructive Test and Welding Inspection services for a diverse range of industries. We help you to ensure the reaility , safety and integrity of products, equipments or plant assets with our NDT services.

NDT Services

Ultrasonic Test, these method can be performed on all type of materials and its application include :

Flaws detection such as inclusions, cracks and porosity. your

Determining the thickness of test objects, particulary in erossion or corrosion monitoring.

Magnetic Particle Test, these method can detect surface & subsurface discontinuities in Ferromagnetic matrials. These method is widely used in all industry sectors to inspect a variety of products and engine components (Castings, Forgings and Weldments).

Liquid Penetrant Test, also known as Dry Penetrant Test, these method used to located surface breaking flaws such as cracks, porosity, laps, seams and other surface discontinuities. LPT can be applied to both Ferrous and Non Ferrous matrials (Metals, Plastics or Ceramics).

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